Raw materials, variable dimensions

JACAP Limited in Malta

JACAP is a Leading Manufacturers of Stainless Steel, Mild steel and Glass railings since 1995

Their range of services also includes Laser and Plasma Cutting on various metals, sheet metal Guillotine cutting and Bending, Stainless steel House Names, Laser Engraving on various materials and we also cater to a client’s Custom Made requirements. They use SIM since 2016 and never had any incident. The company is growing slowly every year and improves the use of the software in a very professionnal manner.

Inventory Software for Metal industry

It changed our life! Before, the designers made their plans, then we systematically ordered the necessary parts for the realization. It took time and the falls accumulated. From now on, designers consult GSM to establish their list of material. We save a lot of time and money!

Like the Europeans leaders of metal profiles, trust SIM!

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